Board.Vision Chat专业开发app的公司

Board.Vision Chat is the companion app that extends Board.Vision’s functionality and allows you to chat with other Board.Vision users in your organisation. Board.Vision Chat allows you to switch organisations if you sit on multiple boards. It organises and consolidates all your chat activities. Board.Vision Chat is currently available to all Board.Vision users. About Board.Vision Board.Vision is the next generation board portal designed with industry-leading features to accelerate the board’s decision-making process. Built in the Cloud and offered as a SaaS product, Board.Vision efficiently connects related parties the corporate governance ecosystem to accelerate collaboration and decision-making. Board.Vision is developed in collaboration with our in-house corporate secretarial subject matter experts (SMEs), contributing centuries of experience in corporate governance, corporate administration and secretarial services. Our SMEs not only possess in-depth knowledge and understanding of the latest conventions and regulations governing businesses and entities, they have influenced the development of corporate governance standards in Singapore. Board.Vision is unique, enabling the best practices in corporate governance in the Singaporean context. The Board.Vision team truly understands our customers’ pain points and what boards need today to uphold their profound governance responsibilities. Board.Vision enables boards to work more efficiently and effectively by offering features and functionality that streamline board processes. Start experiencing the ultimate meeting experience today!