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Catch Dot is an interesting and unique puzzle game in which you must catch the pink dot by cornering it with your own green dots. When you place an green dot, the pink dot moves – you must encircle the pink dot so it can’t escape the playing field. Once you have encircled it, you must close in on it and create a complete circle of six green dots around it so it is trapped and can’t move – when you achieve this you have won! This might seem easy but you must choose your green dot placement carefully.Try to create a large circle around the pink dot and steadily make it smaller – you could also consider blocking off the outmost ring of circles to stop escape and then move in on the pink dot afterwards. Try to anticipate the pink dots moves to trap it and prevent scape! Game control and Game play : – Tap empty dots to catch the pink dot – Once you touch the empty dots it changes to green color dots – With in less steps you surround the pink dot to do best score Game over occurs when the pink dot escapes Benefits : -It is an brain game helps to increases reflex skills -Also boosts attention, focus and concentration -Challenging and Time killer Game Tap dots puzzle game free key Features: – Interesting UI integrated – Simple and Classic game play – Addictive strategy for 1 players – Catch dot game available for iPad and iPhones – Best casual game for all age groups (including kids)

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