Focus Road: Pomodoro Timer专注app开发

Boost your Focus and Productivity with Focus Road extraordinary destination metaphor. Track your periods and goals. Complete your tasks. With lots of vehicles and destinations!! Time is most important thing in everybodys life. Be more productive to use it. Three Basic Steps: 1- Set your focus time 2- Work with productivity 3- Break 4- Be a Focus King Do you have exams to study? No problem Focus Road is here. Start your timer and reach your destination. Do you want to develop a project? Yes Focus Road also help to finishing your dream project. Features: – No internet connection required. – No interruption to focus. – Change your timer how long have you focus. – Track your periods – Track your daily goal – Lots of vehicles to select – Lost of destinations to select – Period setting – Goal setting – Break time setting – Focus break sessions start automatically. Thanks to for screenshots and preview Icons made by Flat Icons from Cars designed by Freepik Tree vector created by macrovector – Design vector created by freepik –

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