Digital Siren怎么app开发

Digital Siren by PursuitAlert is an app that, once installed, will notify you of a high-speed pursuit, a Code3 emergency vehicle nearby, and numerous other critical incidents happening in your area. Digital Siren only requires the one-time action of downloading the Digital Siren App for your device. Once done, the user will receive the notifications automatically whenever they enter the range of a police pursuit or numerous other active critical events or emergency response. This service will be in effect for any participating state, county, or municipal law enforcement agency in the US. Thus, this service will continue to work as the user passes through various participating territories around the country. Users can pull up a map that will show their current location. If a pursuit or other event is active, a red circle will appear around their location, indicating an area where the event may be located. Users may also use the app to call 911 or to send feedback and user experience to Digital Siren by PrsuitAlert.

Where’s Grandma?

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