ZombieCam Enterpriseapp软件怎么样

Developed under research contracts with the Department of Defense and trusted by Federal law enforcement, ZombieCam watches when you aren’t there and understands what it sees. ZombieCam enterprise customers can use the ZombieCam app to access all features of the ZombieCam system. To use the ZombieCam enterprise server, contact Chiral Software to activate an account and add cameras and users. Once cameras and users are provisioned, install the ZombieCam enterprise app and enter the provided username and password. ZombieCam enterprise server and the enterprise app detect objects seen by cameras to allow the user to quickly review activity and search for objects of interest. A unique fractal history view feature allows the user to explore and search history in an intuitive way to find patterns. Finally, Chiral’s patented anomaly detection algorithms learn what kind of activity is expected based on observations. Unusual activity triggers an anomaly alert so users can be warned when the unexpected happens. There is no need to program the ZombieCam system with triggers, as used in other systems. You will never get alerts based on motion, because ZombieCam is aware of objects and patterns of activity. ZombieCam works with hardware from several different vendors, including major IP cameras and game cameras. ZombieCam is watching and learning, 24 hours a day, in visible light or infrared.

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