The experts at DEFIYIELD are specialists in DeFi yield farming and smart contract security, having worked in the decentralized finance industry since its beginning.
DEFIYIELD is a safe DeFi all-in-one platform for crypto investing.
You can manage, protect and grow your crypto assets with essential DeFi info and an integrated yield farming toolkit. It unites an investing dashboard, the World’s First Audit Database and the World’s Largest REKT Database, Approvals Analyzer tool, and express audit smart contract Vulnerability Scanner in one ecosystem.
Solidity engineers at DEDIYIELD are pioneers of independent DeFi audits providing the auditing service.


A lost lottery ticket
​Recycling opportunity!
By utilizing the winning lottery ticket, we come up with a business that can prepare for opportunities, hopes, and old age again to realize positive social values.

Probability of correction
At the same time, we have adopted an algorithm that can increa…