PDF Plus : PDF Reader & Editor货的app开发

Turn your iPhone and iPads into a real PDF Machine PDF Plus is an app where everyone can manage their pdf in the easiest way. it is very simple and easy to use. Import PDF and Edit it with many tools like Annonate draw or text edit with add pages and many more functions ●●●● PDF Plus Features ●●●● • Images to PDF • WebPage to PDF (Pro Feature) • Merge PDF (InApp Required) • Split PDF (InApp Required) • PDF to Images (InApp Required) ●● Features ●● • Create and Add pages to Existing PDF • Fast, simple and easy to use • Simple User Interface • Pdf Scanner And Creater • Great and High Quality File Management Feature • Drawing and Save File • Pdf Viewer ●●●● File Manager ●●●● 
 ● File Management Options • Folder Supported • Copy • Move •Rename • Delete • Zip • unzip • Share ●●●● Supported Cloud drives Features ●●●● • Upload your Files to ICloud • Import from Iclouds • Download your Files from different Apps ●●●● Other Supported Features ●●●● • Email multiple Files And Folders • Download the file from iTunes 
• Save Files to your mac Via iTunes